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Welcome to my online campaign office

Too many of our friends are losing their jobs, fearful of losing their homes and apprehensive about being able to send their kids to college. In these difficult times we need leaders who will not only confront the vast challenges of our region, but understand how education and job creation must figure in to the solutions.

The issues we are facing aren’t Republican or Democratic, they are American issues.As the next member of Congress, I will make job creation and economic development my first, second and third priorities.

Instead of protecting tax breaks for the ultra rich and ending Medicare, we have to make the right investments to give our young people the tools to succeed, strengthen the middle class, and ensure that our country honors its commitment to seniors.

We must focus on jobs. It is the only way we can honor our commitment to our children, our parents and warriors. Whether you're a mom or dad, veteran or currently serving, unemployed or an entrepreneur, the truth is only when Americans work does America prosper.

A Navy cryptologist during Operation Desert Storm, I was chosen by former President Clinton to be one of the first 10 females to serve on a combat-ready vessel. Later I managed social programs for former Kansas Gov. Bill Graves (R), and currently the CEO of The Florida Endowment Foundation for Florida’s Graduates where we focus on helping young Floridians learn how to be the CEO of their lives.

I ask for your support and your vote.

Heather Beaven

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