Education Reform: Taxpayers Spend $55B On a Failing Education System, But Here’s How to Fix It For Free

In 1867, with the stroke of his pen, President Andrew Johnson created the first federal Department of Education. Johnson, who was illiterate until adulthood, created the agency to collect data on the successes and failures of education across America. Less than a year later, it was killed out of fear that the federal government would take over education.


Sequestration 2013: Are We Abandoning Military Children, Our Littlest Heroes?

The Global War On Terrorism has surpassed the conflicts of the 20th century to now rank as our nation’s second longest war. Yet, we sequester. Repeated deployments with insufficient “dwell time” between have created stress on service members, their families, and their larger support systems including theDepartment of Veterans’ Affairs. Yet, still, we sequester.


Education Reform is the Key to Economic Recovery

Education is the greatest economic development tool known to man. It is not social welfare and it is not political fodder. It is much more important than that. No country can stay at the forefront of the world’s economy with an illiterate citizenry and yet our education system remains woefully inadequate to keep America at the forefront of the 21st century. In the words of Bill Gates; “we don’t need to reform the system; we need to replace the system.”


8,000 Kids Drop Out Of School Every Day – And We’re Ignoring It

America is speeding toward an economic tsunami the likes of which we won’t easily recover from. Three million young Americans drop out of high school every year, over 8,000 per day. The class of 2012 marks the first time that all schools are actually calculating data on children who drop out of high school with uniformity. Now in America, if you enter 9th grade and don’t leave 12th grade with a diploma or its equivalent, you are formally considered a high school dropout.

It’s a start. A weak start, but a start nonetheless.


2013 Immigration Reform: This is the Only Question We Need to Ask About Foreign Labor in America

Almost every day there is talk about immigration reform. We know that businesses provide the carrot — the jobs — that attracts people from all over the world to come to the United States. We can also, as Americans, understand that there aren’t many places one would want to return to after having lived here. But when was the last time we, as a nation, really considered who we are hiring through our foreign labor certification process and at what cost?


Green Energy: The Answer to the Recession That Could Be Implemented Tomorrow

Congress and the White House have spent a decade focusing on old school ways to dig out of a recession. What they have failed to notice is that this is not a recession. It’s a brand new economy and this economy will center on energy. The nation that dominates the harvesting of cleaner, cheaper energy will dominate the globe in the 21st century.

Every nation is grappling with the questions surrounding energy consumption. The more modern the nation; the more complex the questions. But one thing is for sure, energy is big business and only getting bigger.READ MORE